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Hi there,

in the Office Template for Excel and the new FILTER function, there are some issues in the second example on the sheet Beispiel 2 for the German version. The title FILTER function is untranslated, which should be FILTER Funktion as in the first sheet - or may be better - FILTER-Funktion with a dash between the words (which then should be changed on each sheet).


The image in the middle right is untranslated. And there is only one criterium in cell G9. Therefore I would prefer to use the singular instead of the plural, so that the sentence becomes ... Datensatz nach dem Kriterium in Zelle G9. Also, the data validation list entries have not been translated. So, if the user selects an entry, the filter will show nothing, as the English words are not in the product list.



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Hi @Mourad Louha 

This is great feedback to get. We will look into each of your suggestions to see if we can implement them. Thanks for entering the competition and sending it to us.