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Hi there,

in the Office Template for Excel and the new FILTER function, there are some issues in the first example on the sheet Beispiel 1. Please do not care of #NAME? in the screenshot below, as I opened the file in an Excel Version, which does not have the FILTER-Function yet.


The content of the blue boxes in that image is untranslated. In a German Excel-Version, the default argument separator is a semi-colon and not a comma.

The explanation on the top mentions verschüttete Array-Formel, what for me sounds not good in German in this context, I think. The English version talks about a spilled array formula - so the term spilled is the issue. Maybe dynamische Array-Formel would be a better wording.

image.pngThere is a link behind the shape/image. The hoover text behind the link is untranslated. This link directs to this page: 

There, the translation of spilled is verschmutzt which means dirty, if I translate it back. I know, it's machine translated, but using that in the title of the page is not good.

Lastly, I would like to suggest to enlarge a little bit the columns C, E and G for that the titles will be fully visible.




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Hi @Mourad Louha 

This is all great feedback. We will look into each of your suggestions. Thanks for entering the competition and sending it to us.