Office Template - Excel - Personal Monthly Budget - Russian


Few very quick notes

1) It opens from Personal Monthly Budget tab, not from Start one (at as for US variant)

2) Only partly translated

- Table names

- Data validation->Input message are all in English

- Texts in column A are in English

3) Currency is Dollar, not local one. However, perhaps for that version better to keep Number format - Russian speaking users are in different countries with different currencies

4) Set of expenses looks bit strange.

- Who cares about CD:s in 2019?

- All personal taxes are very usually deducted by employer. Few pay themselves, but not necessary to have that bunch of categories

- Dine out only, not day-to-day lunches

- etc.

5) Sheet is not optimized for the printing

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Hi @Sergei Baklan 

It is great to get your expert opinion on these. We will look at all of your suggested improvements and implement them where we can.

Thanks for entering the competition!