Office Template - Excel - FILTER Function - Translation of 'array' and 'spilled,' and other errors

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Description:The term 'array' has been translated differently than what the glossary says, the concept 'spilled array formula,' although new, is not using the current glossary term for 'array formula,' and the translation of 'spilled' is not clear enough. Other grammar errors apply as well.
Current translation:La función FILTRAR filtra un rango o una serie basada en el criterio que usted especifique. Esta es una fórmula de desbordamiento de serie y Excel automáticamente completará hacia abajo la fórmula por usted.
Change:La función FILTRAR filtra un rango o una matriz basados en el criterio que usted especifique. Es una fórmula de matriz expansiva, por lo que Excel la completará automáticamente por usted en las celdas inferiores.
English Text:The FILTER function filters a range or array based on criteria you specify. This is a spilled array formula, and Excel will automatically fill the formula down for you.
Reason:I'm not sure whether the translation for 'array' has changed to "serie," but using "serie" here while historically using "matriz" could confuse the users unless there's a good reason. I also find "desbordamiento" for 'spilling' a bit unclear. I suggest "expansión" (and "expansiva" in this context) to convey 'spilling' in a less literal way. This could be a great discussion between linguists. In any case, I suggest looking for 'array' and 'spilled' in the whole document, and apply the fix, should there be one, to be consistent.
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