Office Template - Excel - FILTER Function - Calques in the Example 2 header

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Description:The header of the Example 2 tab contains several calques from what looks like MT output.
Current translation:En este ejemplo estamos filtrando la base de datos completa basada en el criterio ubicado en la celda G9. Pruebe cambiándolo y mire lo que sucede.
Change:En este ejemplo vamos a filtrar todo el conjunto de datos basado en el criterio ubicado en la celda G9. Pruebe a cambiarlo y mire lo que sucede.
English Text:In this example we're filtering the entire dataset based on the criteria in cell G9. Try changing it, and see what happens.
Reason:These are calques that will trigger users into thinking this is MT output.
Screenshot:Issue 15.PNG
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Thanks for entering the competition and for the suggestion! Our Spanish moderator will take a look at it. Regards, Staff