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Description:The connector 'even if' has been translated literally and it's not correct.
Current translation:Aunque es un argumento opctional, siempre es buena idea darle un valor a [si_vacío], incluso si sólo le da una cadena vacía como "".
Change:Es un argumento opcional, pero siempre es buena idea darle un valor a [si_vacío] aunque solo introduzca una cadena vacía como "".
English Text:Even though it's an optional argument, it's a good idea to always provide a value for [if_empty], even if you just provide an empty string with "".
Reason:I suggest a bit of rewording to increase readability in this sentence.
Screenshot:Issue 29.PNG
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Hola @Álvaro Jimeno 

Thanks for the suggestion and for entering the competition! Our Spanish moderator will take a look at it and we will come back to you on it.