Office 365 (Word), esES - Mistranslation + wrong terminology in Ink Editor tooltip

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Description: The Ink Editor tooltip has been mistranslated and doesn't convey what the Ink Editor features are for. The "ink highlighter" term has been mistranslated as well.
Language: Spanish (esES)
Current translation: Edite documentos con el lápiz. Círculo para seleccionar, Tachar eliminar y aplicar el formato con el marcador de resaltado de tinta. ¿Otras cosas que desea hacer? Háganoslo saber en el siguiente vínculo.
Suggested translation: Edite documentos con el lápiz. Dibuje un círculo para seleccionar contenido, tache partes de un documento para eliminarlas y aplique un formato de texto mediante el marcador. ¿Hay más cosas que quiera hacer? Díganoslas a través del siguiente vínculo.
Reason: 1. The whole tooltip seems to have been Mted, so I'm suggesting an overall new translation.
2. Following your glossary, there are a couple of translations for "highlighter," so I picked the shortest one "marcador" to avoid having a super long term (marcador de resaltado de entrada de lápiz).
English text: Edit documents with your pen. Circle to select, cross out to delete, and apply formatting with the ink highlighter.Other things you want to do? Let us know at the link below.
Steps: 1. Launch Word.
2. Having the Draw feature on, go to the Draw tab.
3. Hover the Ink Editor button to display the tooltip.
Platform: Word
Build: v1803, b9126.2152


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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno thanks for the suggestion and for entering our April competition. Our Spanish language moderator will take a look at your suggestion and we will revert back in our Competitions Dashboard. Regards, Stafford