Office 365 (Outlook), esES - Wrong abbreviation of 'seconds'

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Description: On the Reading Pane Options dialog box, seconds are abbreviated as 'seg.', when in Spanish it's 's'.
Language: Spanish (esES)
Current translation: seg. antes de marcar el elemento como leído
Suggested translation: s antes de marcar el elemento como leído
Reason: 's' is the right abbreviation for 'second' and 'seconds,' so there never will be any plurality issues.
English text: seconds before marking item as read

1. Launch Outlook.
2. Go to File > Options > Advanced.
3. Under Outlook panes, click Reading Pane.
Platform: Outlook
Build: v1803, b9126.2152

Issue 02.PNG

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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno thanks for the suggestion! Our Spanish moderator will take a look and we will revert back in our Competitions Dashboard. Regards, Stafford