Major Impact Change Suggestion regarding translation of outline to Danish

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I do have a major impact change suggestion for all Danish Office applications for both Windows and macOS.

In “good old days” the English “outline” regarding shapes was translated to “omrids” but since 2007 it is translated to “kontur".

This is not exactly incorrect since it means the same but nobody uses “kontur” in the daily spoken language in Denmark and furthermore “kontur” is often used for more vague outlines and to describe the lines in map showing height difference (contour lines).

If you do an online translation of ”kontur” back to English ie. Google Translate also translates it to ”contour” and not ”outline”—although Bing Translate does it “right” (or wrong).

I know this has a major impact but that shouldn’t be a reason for not changing it ;)



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Be by the way aware that some times "outline" means "disposition" which is correct translated most places.