List of shortcut keys in Danish Teams (MacOS)

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Description of the issue encountered in a localized version of Teams:

According to Apple ( the keys on the Apple keyboard are translated to Danish.


Language affected:



Current translation:

See below


Suggested translation and reason(s) for change:

Down : Ned

Right : Højre

Left : Venstre

Up : Op

Shift : Skift

Command : Kommando

Option : Alternativ


Corresponding English Text (if known):

See above


Screenshot of the issue:



Steps to reproduce the issue

Open the list of shortcut keys


Platform (e.g. Windows 32, Universal, Android, iOS, Mac Desktop, Web)





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@Jørgen Koch- we're tracking this issue in this post as they appear to be the same. Let me know if otherwise though.  



Oh yes, browser failure ;)