Kaizala App - Number mismatch in the Job flow (esES)

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Description: Number mismatch in the Job flow
Language: Spanish (esES)
Current Translation: Enviar a [number] contactos de [user]
Suggestion: Enviar a los contactos de [user] (number)
Reason: To avoid a number mismatch, as the user could have one contact and the message would display "1 contacts." Please note that the English source might have the same issue, as it's using "people."
English Source: Send to [number] people of [user]

1. Launch the app.

2. Go to Chats.

3. Tap on the Me chat.

4. Tap on the bar below to add a Job.

5. If you have 1 contact, you'll see this message.
Platform: Android 6.0
Kaizala Mobile Version: 1.1.0002.1113

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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno

Thanks for pointing that out. We will come back to you on it!
Regards, Staf