Kaizala App - Grammar mismatch in comments' dates (esES)

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Description: Grammar mismatch in comments' dates
Language: Spanish (esES)
Current Translation: Creado por tu usuario a las [date]
Suggestion: Creado por tu usuario el [date]
Reason: "A las" is followed by time, but this date is stated [day-month, time], so another preposition is needed. Also, please note that the English source might also be wrong: "at" is not the right preposition when a day follows. "On" would be more appropriate.
English Source: Created by you at [date]

1. Launch the app.

2. Go to Chats.

3. Tap on Team Kaizala.

4. Tap on the "Tap to get started" button below.

5. Tap on Share Feedback and send a response.

6. Go back to the Team Kaizala chat and tap on the Thank You message.
Platform: Android 6.0
Kaizala Mobile Version: 1.1.0002.1113

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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno

Thanks for suggesting this! Our Spanish moderator will investigate and we will get back to you on it. Regards, Staff