Kaizala App - Filter issue (Spanish)

  • Description of the issue encountered: When going to the announcements menu, you will not be allowed to apply any filter.
  • Language affected: Spanish
  • Screenshot of the issue


  • Steps to reproduce the issue:
    • 1. Open the Kaizala App
    • 2.  Go to "Pending Actions  = Acciones Pendientes"
    • 3. Tap on Announcements = Anuncio
    • 4. Click on the options Icon (top right corner)
    • 5. You will see 2 options, one of them is "Apply filters = Aplicar filtros"
    • 6. Click on Apply filters = Aplicar filtros and nothing happen
  • Platform: android
  • Kaizala Mobile Version #1.1.0002.1113
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Hi @Dave Rendón

Thanks for pointing this out. We will look into it and get back to you on it! Regards, Staff