iOS Sway Japanese 1.23: an extra text on the Privacy option

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Also, I wasn't sure what the description means until reading the description in English.

suggestion)「~自分の存在を表示させるかどうかを〜」or something like that - point is 'set visible or invisible yourself', then it might be better change the translation for the options as well.

same error in Korean version

Hi Kazuto - Thanks for sending these to us! We will investigate them. We will announce the winners and provide a report on what we are addressing on the back of the competition at the end of October. Thanks again for taking the time to enter! Stafford

Additional Info

  • Issue: extra text (cut-off) is displayed, and the description text is not accurate
  • steps: tap GEAR icon, and tap Privacy
  • current translation: see my previous Reply
  • suggested translation: see my previous Reply

also the option text 「表示できるユーザーなし」and「すべてのユーザー」could be changed as well, if they're not used in any other places. 「表示しない」and「表示する」for example.

Thanks for these extra details Kazuto - they help us a lot!