Inconsistent translations in Danish Excel / Microsoft Graph/Chart engine

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Hello again


In the Danish Excel / Microsoft Graph/Chart engine (relevant for all Office products with charting capabilities), the new term mærkater (instead of etiketter) is making a lot of trouble.




First of all, it is inconsistent all over the UI, as shown in the illustration, where we still see Dataetiketter and Etiketter as a heading for mærkatindstillinger.


Second, I think the use of mærker and mærkater kan create some confusion as seen in the illustration. The words are close, but not related.


I still see no reason for this change from etiketter to mærkater (all my training customers are still laughing about the change since they for many years got used to etiketter as the translation from the English labels and since etiketter and mærkater means exactly the same).


May I suggest, if you incist to change etiketter, that you consider label (normally Danish use)







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Thanks for the feedback @Jørgen Koch , we'll take a look at fixing this and understanding to source of the inconsistency.