“Fixează” (misleading translation in the Romanian Skype for Windows Desktop)

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  • Description of the issue
    Misleading translation

  • Language affected

  • Screenshot of the issue

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Open a chat with any contact and click “Gallery”.

  • Platform
    Windows 7

  • Build Version

  • Current translation
    Fixează aici pentru a partaja (in translation to English: “Fix here to share”)

  • Suggested translation
    Trage fișierele aici pentru a partaja

  • Corresponding English Text
    Drop here to share

By the way, since users can share files not only by dropping them on that area, I suggest you to change “Drop here to share” to “Click or drop here to share” (in Romanian it would be “Apasă sau trage fișierele aici pentru a partaja”).
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Hi Victoria, thank you for the report. We will work on the problem. Please keep more issues coming :). Thanks!

Thank you! Of course, I will submit new issues as soon as I notice new ones.