Do you have a guide for multinational's that are deploying office?


I'm concerned about data corruption so I need to conform to ISO standards. Are there any guides that can help me reach that goal with best practices?

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Hi @George Carlisle leave it with us. We will come back when we have news for you! Regards, Stafford

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Hi @George Carlisle,

So we did a bit of digging.  These resources which may help on your questions around O365 compliance/security... .

There is plenty of material there, including how we conform to ISO standards (an O365 subscription is needed to access them):


These foundation articles @ also step customers through the major phases of an M365E deployment, with steps and exit criteria to ensure that the customer deploys M365E in a way that creates an integrated and intelligent solution. They also provide a way for a customer with existing infrastructure to bypass the phases and steps and see just the exit criteria to determine what they need to change or adapt.

The Tech Community has two places where you could ask that question or any follow ups. Here is the Security, Privacy, and Compliance space: and here is the Deploying Cloud space:


We hope these help or at least get you on the right track! Good luck with the deployment!




Thanks Stafford Quaid, Very good resources. There's so much here I almost forget to reply and say thank you :)