Designer in Danish PowerPoint for Windows and macOs

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Description of the issue encountered

Inconsistent translation of Designer in PowerPoint for Windows and macOS


Language affected



Current translation (if applicable)

Designforslag vs. Designideer vs. Designidéer


Suggested translation and reason(s) for change (if applicable)

Designideer is most correct, but since the word looks kind of strange, I would actually prefer Designforslag


Whatever you choose, it should be the same in both Windows, macOS and online help (the illustrations in the online help is very inconsistent).


Corresponding English text (if known and applicable)

Design Ideas


Screenshot of the issue



Steps to reproduce the issue>

Select the Design > Designer group



Windows 10 and macOS


Build number

W: 1804 (9226.2114)

M: 16.13 (180424)


Online link


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Hi @Jørgen Koch well spotted! Thanks for highlighting it and for your suggestion! We will have our Danish moderator take a look and come back to you in our Competitions PowerBI dashboard. Thanks again! Staff