Calendar in Danish Teams

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Description of the issue encountered in a localized version of Teams:

Wrong abbreviations and week start day in all calendars


Language affected:



Current translation:

See screenshot


Suggested translation and reason(s) for change:


All short day names should be written without the periode (.).


The week should start on a Monday (mandag or man).


Normally I would write "man tir ons tor fre lør søn" or even "MAN TIR ONS TOR FRE LØR SØN" but maybe that is because of my military background.


In Excel and Outlook you normally see "MA TI ON TO FR LØ SØ" or "ma ti on to fr lø sø".


Anyway, it should be more consistent.


Corresponding English Text (if known):



Screenshot of the issue:



Steps to reproduce the issue:

Plan a meeting and open any calendar


Platform (e.g. Windows 32, Universal, Android, iOS, Mac Desktop, Web):

Desktop client on Windows 64

Desktop client on macOS


Version: (64-bit) (Win) (macOS)

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