An incorrect translation in Sway's template


•Description of language or user experience issue: Description of language
•Language: Japanese
•Steps to reproduce your issue
 1.Open the Template “DIY プロジェクトのまとめのタイトル”

 2.See its Template Title “DIY プロジェクトのまとめのタイトル”
•Browser used (if applicable): Chrome
•Current translation (if applicable): 何をしていますか?

•Suggested translation (if applicable): どんなことをされましたか?
•English text (if known): What are you doing?
•Reason why you feel it should change: If you translate "What are you doing?" In general, "何をしていますか?". But, from the point of view of this sentence, " What kind of DIY project did you do?". So, as Japanese, "どんなことをされましたか?".

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Hi @Takashi Takebayashi thanks so much for your suggestion. The Japanese language moderator will investigate this and we will get back to you on it! Regards, Staff