An incorrect translation in Sway's template


•Description of language or user experience issue: Description of language
•Language: Japanese
•Steps to reproduce your issue
 1.Open the Template “ポートフォリオのタイトル”

 2.See its Template Title “ポートフォリオのタイトル”
•Browser used (if applicable): Chrome
•Current translation (if applicable): Twitter ハンドル

•Suggested translation (if applicable): Twitter アカウント
•English text (if known): Twitter Handle
•Reason why you feel it should change: In Japan, "Handle" of "Twitter Handle" does not make it sound as it is, simply call it "アカウント". In other words, if you translate it as "Twitter ハンドル", the Japanese will not know what it means.

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@changeworld - Thanks for the suggestion. I will ask the Japanese moderator to review and we will let you know the outcome of their decision here.