An incorrect translation in Sway's template


•Description of language or user experience issue: Description of language
•Language: Japanese
•Steps to reproduce your issue
 1.Open the Template “ビジネス プレゼンテーション”
 2.See its Template Title “ビジネス プレゼンテーション”
•Browser used (if applicable): Chrome
•Current translation (if applicable): その内容と内容以外のことを両方示していることを確認します。

•Suggested translation (if applicable): それが何であって、何でないかを明確にしてください。
•English text (if known): Be sure to state both what it is and what it isn't.
•Reason why you feel it should change: "その内容と内容以外のことを両方示していることを確認します。" does not reflect the intent of the original text at all and it makes no sense at all from the Japanese perspective. If it expresses the meaning of the original sentence in Japanese it will be a proposed sentence.

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Hi @Takashi Takebayashi our Japanese moderator is looking at your suggestion. We will come back once we have more information for you on it. Thanks for suggesting it! Staff