An incorrect translation in Sway's template


•Description of language or user experience issue: Description of language
•Language: Japanese
•Steps to reproduce your issue
 1.Open the Template “履歴書のタイトル”
 2.See its Template Title “履歴書のタイトル”
•Browser used (if applicable): Chrome
•Current translation (if applicable): 履歴書の専門用語
•Suggested translation (if applicable): 専門用語
•English text (if known): resume jargon
•Reason why you feel it should change: In Japan, we do not say "履歴書の専門用語" and do not write it. From the example of original sentences and other resumes in Japan, the meaning of this part is to translate "専門用語" as a sentence

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Hi @changeworld thanks for reporting this and for entering our Sway Template competition! The Japanese Moderator will take a look and get back to you on it! Regards, Stafford