“A vă alătura” (mistranslated phrase in the Romanian Skype for Windows Desktop)

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  • Description of the issue
    Skype tells you to use the link to join the conversation (again?). Actually, this link is used to invite other people to join the chat.

  • Language affected

  • Screenshot of the issue

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Go to “Group Settings”, enable the “Share group via link” option, and you will receive this message in the chat.

  • Platform
    Windows 7

  • Build Version

  • Current translation
    Accesați Setări grup ca să obțineți linkul pentru a vă alătura.

  • Suggested translation
    Accesați setările grupului ca să obțineți linkul pentru a invita alte persoane.

  • Corresponding English Text
    Go to Group Settings to get the link to invite others to join.

In addition, in Romanian we say “Accesați setările grupului”, but not “Accesați Setări grup”.
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Hi Victoria, thanks for additional issues you raised. We will work on the problems. Regards, Do Hee