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I am trying to paste a URL in my excel sheet, but instead of getting copied as a link, it gets copied as a text-only. I started to have this problem for around 3 or 4 days ago, earlier the URL automatically gets copied as a link but now I have to right-click that text and set up the link manually.

Please Help !!!


Here are some snapshots:


Copying the URL directly to the excel sheet.



Changing the text to link manually:




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Hi @Navjot_Singh1110,


I think if you follow these steps, your problem will be solved.


In Excel


1. File > Options > Proofing (from the left pane)

2. By the Autocorrect options click the AutoCorrect Options button (from the right pane) 

3. Select AutoFormat As You Type tab

4. Check the box Internet and network paths with hyperlinks

5. Click OK and close






Hi @hasanemresatilmis,


Thank you for your reply. I tried your way but it didn't work. 


The box for 'Internet and network paths with hyperlinks' was already check marked when i opened the settings. 

I tried to uncheck it and then check marked it again, but it didn't work.



Navjot Singh



Create a hyperlink to a website
1. Click the cell you want to create the link in.
2. Click on "Hyperlink". The hyperlink window appears.
3. For "Link to:" click on "File or Web Page".
4. For "Show text as:" enter the link name you want.
5. Enter the desired web address in the "Address field" or select a page under "Visited websites".
6. Click OK.
7. The cell content appears as a link.
8. You can open the link by double-clicking the link.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Hi @Navjot_Singh1110,


This link includes a few different methods for using hyperlink in excel. I hope that will be useful.





HI everyone,


i was trying to resolve the problem and look out for your replies and then i noticed that, the URL gets automatically converted to link when i removed the letter 's' from https, so now by entering a website's URL with HTTP, it automatically gets converted to link.

For example, i used  (removed the 's') instead of which is the default url that gets copied for youtube.


I know It is be kind of weird but i don't know if it's an issue with excel or what, but it kinda worked



Hi @Navjot_Singh1110,


Because when you remove the letter 's' you have written link manually. If you write a link manually in excel, the link will convert to hyperlink automatically.


I have the same issue with Chrome. But when I use the Edge, everything is running correctly (when I copy and paste links which are http or https).


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