Inconsistent totals in Excel

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Hello I'm not sure if you can help me - I am trying to get a consistent total for a large data set, I have never had this issue before however I have never really tried before so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong and if I have been doing it wrong all along - I am filtering using the code, date and amount - I am selecting the 'amount' column and using the auto sum function - this provides a total amount however when I copy and paste the complete data set into a new workbook and filter it from there it brings up a different total to the first one.


The data set has over 500K cells so I am copying it to another workbook to remove the data I don't need without deleting that data from the original workbook - any ideas about what's happening?  Thanks

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Hello @Joe_Bloggs ,


With your given information I do not believe that anyone will be able to help you; someone would have to take a look at it. With what I read out of your post, I would guess there is a difference in the filtering of the two datasets.


Hints I can give you to explore the issue is that apart from just the sum, take a look at the amount of lines left to the aggregation after filtering is done. It sounds as if there may be some lines filtered out in the first dataset, which you copy over to the new dataset and then fail to filter out again.


What other symptoms are there to the issue? Do you consistently get higher or lower results in the original dataset as compared to the reduced, copied version?


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