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First published on MSDN on Oct 18, 2017

Greetings Everyone
Welcome to another Wednesday featured forum, today we will be looking at the Windows 10 Forum.
This is an exciting one, what is Windows 10 you may ask. Well it's Microsoft's flagship version of all the Windows Desktop Operating Systems. Personally, I think it is one of the best OS that I have worked on.
The desktop OS has evolved quite a bit over the number of years, we will look at version history a bit later but what is amazing about this OS, is that it works well on any device, touch screen, point of sale, surface books/pro, and the footprint of it is pretty small. You do not need a powerful machine to run Windows 10 if you just reading email or working on documents as with other versions that were pretty much hardware dependent.
Microsoft has put so much effort into Windows 10, if you are tech savvy like I am and always want to have the latest and greatest build, well they allow you to subscribe to the Slow or Fast build options that release quite often. If you are comfortable with a few bugs here and there in these builds but absolutely cannot wait to get your hands on it then jump in.
Many organizations run Windows desktop, not just Windows 10 but legacy versions as well. Many times you have gone to a customer and they still running Windows XP because legacy apps don't work on Windows 10 and other times you see them running Windows 10 and challenging you on how awesome the product is and what they do on it.
Let's take a look at the versions of Windows:

  • Windows 1.01

  • Windows 1.02

  • Windows 1.03

  • Windows 1.04

  • Windows 2.03

  • Windows 2.10

  • Windows 2.11

  • Windows 3.0

  • Windows 3.1

  • Windows NT 3.1

  • Windows for Workgroups 3.11

  • Windows 3.2

  • Windows NT 3.5

  • Windows NT 3.51

  • Windows 95

  • Windows 98

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows ME

  • Windows XP

  • Windows XP Professional x64

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

Wow, that is a a lot of windows versions over the years that Microsoft developed, each version shipping with new features and problems, yes we have all had some form of issue on Windows and while Windows 10 is not perfect, it is still one of the best I think. Remember playing those DOS games in windows 95 or saying you had Windows ME on your machine at the time. Overtime, support for things like DOS have toned down. If you wanted to run an application that worked on Windows 95 on Windows 10 well you would have hit a rock and a hard place, but with 3rd party tools like Dosbox you can still enjoy those old applications.
Let us now take a look at the Forums, compared to the Server applications and OS forums, this by far is busiest one to date!!. 219858 pages of questions, WOW....
Here are some sample questions asked by the community:

To see the Windows 10 Forum, head over to this link .
To learn about Windows 10 head over to these resources:

That is all for now, good luck to those upgrading to Windows 10 or taking Windows 10 to the next level!!
All the Best!
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