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First published on MSDN on Jul 19, 2017

Greetings Everyone
Welcome to another Wednesday featured forum, today we will be looking at the Microsoft Office Forum.
Like the Windows Server Forum, the Microsoft Office one has been around for a very long time as well going back to Office 1.5 released in March 1991 (WOW) and we are now up to Office 2016. Each version bringing in new features but its list of issues as well. Not saying its a bad thing but you might install a windows update that blocks PDF attachments in outlook for example.
Office I personally think is the one of the main applications that users use everyday on their computers, whether its checking emails in Outlook or doing a sales presentation in Excel or PowerPoint. Every single one of these applications has an important function in users operations, here is some of them:

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • OneNote

  • Outlook

  • Project

These days, the entire suite is available on all Major mobile Operating systems like Android, Windows Mobile and iOS. Productivity has not only shifted from a desktop or laptop but you have it with you on the go as well. Now you can respond to your bosses email by reading your mail on a Tablet without having to wait to be in the office. Talk about a major shift in cloud technology.
If you are an office 365 user and have a subscription that includes Office you will be able to use the latest version of Office available to you.
Users on Mac also have the latest version of office available to them.
If you are eager to test drive new features etc. you can subscribe to the insider program, same as with windows and get the fast/slow releases before it becomes publicly available.
If we take a look at the forums for office, this forum is huge, 80 000+ pages where people ask questions, to access this forum you can click the link below:

Some of the questions asked in this forum:

You will see that some of the questions asked has more than 40 responses, this is great community contribution. Some questions asked relate to activation, Outlook, Security patches and many other ones. I encourage you to be part of this by proposing answers to Moderating the forum if you are a Moderator.
With some many shortcuts, tweaks and options available, please create WIKI pages that will help the community. Share your knowledge on the office products.
As with other forums there are a lot of MVP's and Microsoft staff answering these questions.
For those interested in training you can do a lookup in your Region of who offers training.
That is all for now folks.
All the Best!
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