Thursday Best Practices: Together We Can Make Things Happen

Published Oct 09 2019 10:30 AM 1,000 Views
First published on MSDN on Sep 08, 2018
Hey Guys!
We are back with the Thursday Forum Best Practices where we discuss about a feature or practice on how you can best utilize MSDN/TechNet Forums.
Today's blog post topic is inspired from our weekly blog posting theme Tuesday Featured Post that was published on a topic Tuesday Featured Post: Learning With Fun .
In the above blog post we can see that it talks about how one can start learning Small basic programming language and more importantly having a fun when learning programming. One of the learning approach this thread is following is by a monthly programming challenges where there are some interesting topic like drawing various shapes, math problem solution etc. that need to done by small basic programming.
The intention of these challenges is to encourages the community members to share if any problem or issue they faced during solving these challenges so that a discussion can start and member's can learn from each other . Also if anyone has an idea for future challenges they can share it here so that challenges can continue in next month. An example joining forces with like minded individuals & stick together, we have a better chance of finding the solution of the challenges.
"Alone, we are powerless. But, together, we can make things happen."

If we see the answers in the thread we can see that there are some fun and interesting pictures drawn like football, 3D array football and sharing experience about benefit of using some of the advance drawing features in small basic. Also, reference to code is also shared by the participants. This is an great example of learning something together where collaborating on any issues usually brings better results.
I hope that this post helps and see you on the next one.
Thank You,
-Ninja Sabah
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