Thursday Best Practices: How to find the correct MSDN and TechNet forum

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First published on MSDN on Sep 28, 2018

Good day all!
We are back with the Thursday Forum Best Practices where we discuss about a feature or practice on how you can best utilize MSDN/TechNet Forums.
Today's blog post topic is inspired from our weekly blog posting theme Wednesday Featured Forums that was published on a topic Wednesday Featured Forums: Where is the Forum For…?
If you’re new to the MSDN and TechNet forums then you might have faced this situation how to pick the correct forum to post the question about your issues. This is because there's so many categories and each of them talks about a specific topic and solutions and the community members those you see in those forums are experts in those topics.
When someone is new this scenario often occurs that as not sure which forum to post the question Asker/OP posts the same question in several other related forum categories. As the same question appears in multiple forums, this sometimes confuses other to decide whether this is the correct forum for them to ask question or not.
The MSDN and TechNet forum is an important social and learning element of various technical issues on Microsoft's products. So, to solve this how to find the correct forum to post your issues there is an Info Desk like forum Where is the Forum For…? the purpose here is to guide or point the community members to where is the appropriate forum to ask about their issues. So, if one is unsure where to ask about their issue they can post the question and asking to point them to the appropriate forum or simply ask moderator to move the post to appropriate forum .
Also if you visit the forum homepage you will see on the top left hand side there is a menu "view all" If you click it you will get the forum list.

You can look into this fantastic article List of forums by Languages, categories, and field of discussions by Ronen about all the forum categories that are available.
That is all for now and see you in the next blog.
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