Microsoft Docs updates and news following the Microsoft Build 2022 announcements!
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Over the last few days a significant amount of new documents have been released to support all the new features, new products and services announced at the Microsoft Build 2022 conference. This post was designed for you to be able to find content relevant and aligned to your interests. You can use the Table Of Content or your browser built-in search tool (in most browsers click on Ctrl+f to open the search box).

Note! This post focus on the English documents, but there are versions in other languages including: Arabic, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian, Chinese (Traditional) Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Turkish


Table Of Content

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Product & Services Directory


Application Development: .NET: MAUI

Application Development: AKS: DAPR

Application Development: AKS

Application Development: App Service

Application Development: Arc Enabled Servers

Application Development: Arc for Kuberetes

Application Development: Arc for Kubernetes

Application Development: Communication Services

Application Development: Container Apps

Application Development: Event Hubs

Application Development: Functions

Application Development: nginx

Application Development: Service Bus: Messaging

Application Development: Service Connector

Application Development: Spring Cloud

Application Development

Data & AI: .NET: ADO.NET

Data & AI: Azure Arc for Data

Data & AI: Azure Data Factory

Data & AI: Azure Data Studio

Data & AI: Azure Monitor

Data & AI: Azure SQL

Data & AI: Cognitive Services: Language Services

Data & AI: Cognitive Services: Open AI

Data & AI: Cognitive Services: Translator

Data & AI: Cosmos DB

Data & AI: Machine Learning

Data & AI: MySQL

Data & AI: Open Datasets

Data & AI: Purview

Data & AI: Search: Machine Learning

Data & AI: SQL Server

Data & AI: Stream Analytics

Data & AI: Synapse Analytics

Data & AI: Visual Studio Code: SQL Server Tooling

Identity: Active Directory

Identity: Azure Active Directory: Permissions Consent

Security: Sentinel


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