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Hi ninjas and our guest readers! 

I am so happy to share with you my experience on Microsoft Build 2022!

But, wait for a second! if you missed the start point of this series, please first read this post by @ronen ariely 




I recently attended MS Build 2022; a great event organized by Microsoft where different Microsoft teams present their latest technology and features. Ronen Ariely, our MVP in the community ninjas blog came to us with a nice idea about reviewing the event sessions. He is a great leader in Microsoft TechNet communities including forums, articles, blogs, etc., and currently a community leader in different sections including MS Docs and Q&A. he always has amazing and creative ideas to make the community more active and collaborative.

I knew that I cannot attend the event from one month before the event because I had a scheduled HA set up on a big organization in Iran. However, I registered for the event. Even two days before this event, I told Ronn that unfortunately, I could not attend the event. Ronn had created a good team of ninja community leaders for the event, and I wanted to be on the team. But then a natural event occurred as a result of climate change, and exactly on the day of the event, all organizations, schools, and companies in Iran were shut down due to the sandstorm that came from the west of the Middle East. It so happened that I was lucky enough to attend this event. This event was full of very valuable conferences, and I took the opportunity to participate in them.

I was not planned to attend the event, so I didn’t contact the lecturer and ask extra questions for you in this blog. But I just want to share my experience on the event as a whole and a few of conferences. Hopefully, see you in the next MS Build. If you have any questions regarding this event, technical sessions, attendees’ library, and presenters please feel free to put your comment and I will answer them.


The registration process for the event was smooth and hassle-free. After confirming the registration, like many events, we received a registration identification number.



At different times we could see the number of participants and their names and details in the Attendee Directory. In the largest number I checked, about 80,000 people attended the event.




After the start of the event, we could go to the attendee's directory and type in the names of ourselves or the people we want to contact and send them a private message.





We could see and find other attendees and see their profiles which were great.




There was a session catalog (session scheduler) for reviewing conferences, which was very useful, and we could easily and quickly see the list of finished, current, and upcoming conferences, and add them to our schedule list. The search in this section was very convenient.



We could access lecturers through the Speakers Directory section.



In total, more than 800 speakers spoke at the event, and we could easily search through and view each speaker's profile, which included sessions in which the speaker was speaking.





I participated in several sessions in this event and this three-day event was full of great sessions where I learned a lot of new things and got a lot of new ideas. Among these sessions, I really enjoyed the two conferences and wrote a bit about them that I hope will be useful.

Modernize your applications with new innovations across SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL

This session was full of excitement and information about the new version of SQL Server 2022. This session was performed on the first day, about three hours after the start of the event, and it gave very interesting information about the new features of SQL Server.











Chuck Heinzelman

Drew Skwiers-Koballa

Sunetra Virdi

Bob Ward

You can download the session video on the official page of the event conferences at the following URL:

Modernize your applications with new innovations across SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL


Scaling responsible MLOps with Azure Machine Learning

This session was performed on the second day of the event and was one of the best sessions to provide trusted solutions for machine learning on the Azure ML. Of course, this session was not as exciting as the SQL Server 2022 session. At the SQL Server session, perhaps because of the features of the new version and perhaps the presentation of the new version after three years, there were many comments and reactions from the participants, and they were happy with each feature. But in this session, we also had the reactions of the participants at a lower rate. I really enjoyed the way the speakers performed this session. The order of the performance was excellent and every part of the performance was carefully worked on. Totally I loved the session and learn a lot from it.











Daniel Moth

Abe Osarumwense Omorogbe

Beatriz Stollnitz

Minsoo Thigpen


You can download the session video on the official page of the event conferences at the following URL:

Scaling responsible MLOps with Azure Machine Learning



It was very rewarding to attend this Microsoft event in three days with numerous conferences full of new and valuable information. In my opinion, most of the audience of these conferences were experts who wanted to upgrade their application and enterprise infrastructure with the latest Microsoft technologies. Hence the content presented at the conferences was extremely useful. In addition, this conference provided the possibility of establishing communication between the participants with each other and with their favorite speakers in various ways. Overall, this event was very well planned, and I really enjoyed the conference schedule section because it had both a simple interface and was very easy to search.


Have a nice Tech Community Life, and take care :smile:





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