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First published on MSDN on Oct 03, 2016
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Forum Ninjas are the core of the MSDN and TechNet community, and it is time for another Interview with a Forum Ninja! Today we’re going to get to know Alberto Morillo (Alberto Morillo Rodríguez).

Alberto Morillo
Alberto is well known in the SQL Server category in MSDN & TechNet forums, where he serves as Moderator for several years. He is Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Community Contributor, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2008. In short, he is a real Forum Ninja!

Here are some of Alberto’s Statistics:

  • More than 86k Recognition Points!

  • 5,173 Answered Questions

  • 2,027 Helpful Posts

  • About 12k Replies

  • Total of 36 Medals!

Some Examples of Recent Forum Posts from Alberto:

Well, it’s time to hear from Alberto…

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

I am an information systems engineer born and raised in Dominican Republic and moved into the IT world when I took classes about DOS and BASIC on IBM PCs back on 1988, as suggested by my mother. I have been working on the IT industry since 1991 having job positions like programmer, programmer analyst, system administrator, POS manager, DBA Developer, Production DBA. On the year 2000 I met SQL Server 2000 and fell in love with its potential and with the whole database world.
About what I am doing for living, I have a full time job as a Production DBA. On the evenings and Saturdays I teach about databases design, database programming, BI, data mining, IoT, Cloud Computing at two local universities since 1999.
I am also a DBA consultant offering remote and local DBA services since 2003, mostly optimizing SQL Server performance, performing SQL Server assessments and doing some database programming.
For 9 years, I have been the Director of the only Microsoft community in my country named CaribbeanSQL with over 3,200 members.
My hobby are meditation, having some pizza parties with my students and learning something new about SQL Server, Windows, and data science. I love playing around with data mining algorithms, statistics for knowing more about of the data.

What are your big projects right now?

Currently I am performing  SQL Server assessment of 12 critical servers at the biggest local bank in my country. And it seems like I will be involved in a project involving data mining on the biggest insurance company in the country.
Additionally, I am involved on creating a master degree about Data Science on an local university.

What Microsoft Forums do you participate in? What different roles do you play?

I love participating on Microsoft SQL Server MSDN forums, MS Partner Network - Data and Server Platform forum and on Microsoft Answers. On most of these forums I am just another volunteer, but in MSDN forums I am a forum moderator.
As a moderator I sometimes add proposed answers, move some threads from time to time, I identify abusive content and occasionally mark an answer mostly to make justice when an OP mark his own answer despite recognizing it solved the issue with the help of others.

What are the Microsoft Forums for? Have you ever seen them have a powerful impact?

For me Microsoft forums are the best source for support and troubleshooting of Microsoft products, a good place to find real world solutions to issues and feel attracted to be part of community that loves to share and will help you grow professionally and personally.
I would recommend Microsoft Forums to everyone, but I would recommend it even more for beginners and for learning something new each day easily.
As a volunteer in Microsoft Forums I have found the truth about the paradox of generosity, I have received more than I give. I have learned much of the knowledge I am using today as a DBA consultant, this have opened my career to opportunities overseas and have helped me obtain recognition from Microsoft.

What could we do differently on MSDN and TechNet Forums?

I would love to have available a virtual room where people can talk to forum contributors online. This may help user forums find quicker solutions to all their issues.
Alternatively, a chat services between users and contributors may be great too.

Who has impressed you in the Forums community, and why?

Shanky and Olaf keep surprising me by consistently and accurately answering questions everyday over the years. It’s amazing how many answers and contributions they have made, the numbers they have accumulated and the impact to the SQL Server community.

Have you heard the phrase "behind every successful man there is a woman"?

I would like to ask the woman behind the successful Forum Ninja: What do you think about your husband activities in the virtual communities?

Long ago I made the decision to support my husband in the path that he wanted to follow. His participation on forums is one of the many activities in which he is involved. It's something he likes and keeps him up to date on his passion, Microsoft.

Thank you, Alberto, for your contributions to the community and to the forums! It was great to hear from you directly, and nice to know more about you.
Please join me in thanking Alberto!
Forums, the final frontier
– Ronen Ariely,
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