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First published on MSDN on Apr 17, 2017
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Hi friends. I am happy to interview Fabrizio Giammarini for our Forum Ninjas Blog. Fabrizio is one of the moderators of the TechNet Italia Forums.
Fabrizio is a Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for "Cloud and Datacenter Management."

Here are some of Fabrizio’s Statistics:

  • 29,220 Recognition Points

  • 992 Helpful Posts

  • 6,113 Replies

  • Total of 30 Medals


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

I’m Fabrizio Giammarini, I come from Italy, and I live in Rome. I’m 28 years old and actually I work as a system administrator in an Italian private university. Occasionally I work also as an independent IT consultant for several companies or public institutions, and these activities have given me the opportunity to challenge myself in different fields of technologies.
My specialty technologies are virtualization for server consolidation (I also have a Microsoft Specialist Certification for Hyper-V) and OS deployments.

What are your big projects right now?

Personally, I’m working for extend my virtualization expertise on cloud environment, particularly on Windows Azure IaaS, but I’m working also on upgrade paths for new Windows Server 2016 certifications.
While, during my employment as IT professional, I’m working on Windows 10 environments: images creation and deploy, WaaS implementation and System Center Configuration Manager integration.

What Microsoft Forums do you participate in? What different roles do you play?

I actively participate to TechNet forums, especially Windows Server, Windows 10 and Hyper-V sections.
I also cover the role of moderator in Italian forums of TechNet, MSDN and Microsoft Community.

What are the Microsoft Forums for? Have you ever seen them have a powerful impact?

I think that Microsoft forums have a great importance for users that need to know the potentials of Microsoft products and need technical assistance. These forums are like a gathering place for people that use Microsoft technologies every day, for this reason, there are real world answers from practical experiences.

In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

I have a personal blog that I use to make easily available technical articles and occasionally I contribute to other communities like Intel.

What are your favorite forum threads you’ve contributed on?

I'm really interested in threads about Hyper-V and virtualization but I also follow threads about Group Policy planning and management.

What could we do differently on MSDN and TechNet Forums?

In recent times, they have made steps forward with regard to the community platform, but I think you need to work for a better integration of all the Microsoft forums (outside TechNet and MSDN).

What forums need more attention? What could they use more of?

In my opinion Windows and Office TechNet forums need more attention for giving more guidance to askers and for the displacement of the threads. Many consumer users confuse some TechNet sections for Microsoft Community but, at least in Italian forums, for organizational reasons TechNet are reserved only to IT questions and sometimes it’s difficult to manage these situations. Indications already present in Forums are sufficiently clear but maybe they have little visibility for users.

Who has impressed you in the Forums community, and why?

There are different users with high knowledge that impressed me. They are moderators and MVP, but also simple users of the community that which contribute by asking interesting questions.

Do you have any tips for people asking questions on MSDN/TechNet Forums?

I recommend to insert as much information as possible of course obscuring sensitive information, in that way it’s possible to arrive earlier to a solution but, especially, I recommend to actively follow the discussion in order to avoid an incorrect answer mark. Unfortunately, it's really common than a user does not come back to mark the correct answer, leaving the question open. In these situations, a moderator is forced to make a decision that may not be the correct one in some cases.
Thanks to Fabrizio for contributions to the TechNet forums! It’s been great to get know you better.
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