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Welcome to Microsoft community blog and a happy new year to all,

All around the world Microsoft communities celebrated the new year during the last few weeks. Today in our “International Spotlight” category, I chose to bring you a short taste of the celebration of the Data Platform community in Israel, at Microsoft Reactor in Tel Aviv - it was epic!


Note! This post is presented in Hebrew and in English. I will start with the English version written in black and present a short Hebrew version next in green.


You can download all the presentation files and images from the event and watch the recording, but first let’s start with a bit of who, what, how, and the thanks… in short, let me start with some background.


ברוך הבא לבלוג הקהילה של מיקרוסופט ושנה טובה לכולם,

בחודש האחרון חגגו קהילות מיקרוסופט את השנה החדשה. היום בקטגוריית "הזרקור הבינלאומי" של הבלוג, בחרתי להביא טעימה קצרה מהחגיגה של קהילת פלטפורמת הנתונים בישראל.

Before the Event…

In the past several years I had the pleasure to unofficially open the year of the “Data Platform Meetup Israel” User Group. I always spoke on January at the first meeting of the year, and this was the plan for this year as well. I already had a nice topic for the meeting. Usually on January we have a simple meeting like any other meeting with the addition of greetings and a toast for the new year, organized by Guy Glantser, who lead the user group.


About two years ago I took on myself to lead PASS GlobalHebrew Virtual user group together with Maria Zakourdaev, and when the new year was almost here, I wanted to do something a bit different for the new year, but I had no idea what can fit to an Online meeting.


On November 4, at the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft has announced the release of SQL Server 2019. This version comes with lots of updates, which deliver performance, security and intelligence over all your data. I had the honor to be invited by Microsoft team to speak in the event and present one of the new features support in the “SQL Server 2019” booth and the “SQL Server Managed Instance” booth.


The three points above basically gave me an idea. I can speak about one or two of the new features in SQL Server 2019 as I originally planned, but what about having a full Expert panel were, we can review all the new features. Why not bring experts from Microsoft Data platform teams and from the community and each one will present one topic? We can make it a joint meeting for all the Data Platform community, and we can have a slightly more festive meeting to celebrate the New Year.

I contacted Guy, who liked the idea, and together we started to execute the plan…


בשנים האחרונות היה לי העונג לפתוח באופן לא רשמי את השנה של קבוצת המשתמשים “Data Platform Meetup Israel”, בינואר בפגישה הראשונה של השנה. זו הייתה התוכנית גם השנה. כבר היה לי נושא נחמד למפגש, אבל היה לי גם רעיון לקיים מפגש משותף לכל קבוצות המשתמשים בתחום פלטפורמות נתונים.

מכיוון שלפני מספר שבועות מיקרוסופט הודיעה על יציאת SQL Server 2019, אשר כולל עדכונים ושחידושים רבים, חשבתי על אפשרות של קיום מפגש שונה מהרגיל – פנל מומחים בו נציג סקירה מהירה על כל החידושים בגרסה החדשה.

יצרתי קשר עם גיא גלנצר, אשר מנהל את קבוצת המשתמשים המקומית וביחד יצאנו לדרך.

Thanks to Microsoft team!

Well… we had the idea, but first practical step is to choose where and when to have the celebration, and this mean we need to take the idea to Microsoft team. Usually, the local user groups meet at Microsoft offices in Ra'anana or at Microsoft Reactor in Tel Aviv.


The first person we always contact and the first person I would like to thanks is Michal Wosk. Michal is the contact person for the local MVPs and probably best person for coordinating community activities.


Together with Michal we contacted the Microsoft Reactor team, we got Microsoft sponsorship on the event, and a list of time slots available for having the event.


תודה גדולה לצוות של מייקרוסופט אשר עזר בתכנון והרצת האירוע!


I would like to thank the Microsoft team.

Thank you, Michal Wosk, Moria Dror, Lital Ventura, Keren Davidovich, and everyone who participated in organizing and realizing the event.


Thanks to our awesome Expert panel and the Community leaders!

Obviously, an Expert panel requires experts and selecting our expert was very simple task. In fact, I had the names of the experts which I wanted for the event in my mind in the first 10 minutes after I thought about the idea of expert panel. In addition, I must thank the community leaders Dubi Lebel and Maria Zakourdaev, who participated in organizing, promoting, and realizing the event.


Thank you! Itai Binyamin, Eitan Blumin, Ronen Ariely, David Trigano, Guy Glantser, Lior King, Yossi Elkayam, Dubi Lebel, and Maria Zakourdaev.


So let’s meet our experts.

Expert Panel - about.png


The event…

The meeting was held with a panel of experts who introduced the innovations in SQL 2019, focusing on their area of expertise.

Expert Panel.png



Tens of free stuff and giveaways were distributed to participants during the event, and we have many more to give in the future community meetings!


עשרות מתנות חולקו למשתתפים במהלך האירוע, ויש לנו עוד הרבה מה לתת בפגישות הקהילה העתידיות!


Download all the presentation files and images from the event and watch the recording

All the presentation files are ready for you to download. You can use the following link:, or you can scan the following QR code


כל קבצי המצגת ניתנים להורדה. אתה יכול להשתמש בקישור זה, או לסרוק את קוד ה- QR הבא


You can watch the recordings on YouTube:


And above all, Thanks you all!

Thank you to everyone who came to the event. We hope you had good time. You are welcome to send feedback, and don’t forget to join the Data-Platform-Meetup-Israel user group and the PASS GlobalHebrew virtual group.


תודה לכל מי שהגיע לאירוע. אתם מוזמנים לשלוח משוב, ואל תשכחו להצטרף לקבוצת המשתמשים המקומית ולקבוצה הווירטואלית PASS GlobalHebrew.



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