From MSDN Forums and Wiki Life to the new Tech Community Life: A New Era
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Hi Community Ninjas 

Long time no see! And we are here again!

After the Covid-19 nightmare, we are starting to expand again!

We are here again to raise and grow hand in hand in the community. Many of us were absent in the community since the beginning of that global crisis due to the lockdown that happened in our cities. Many of our veteran expert members had struggled with hard situations. The lack of their presence in the community was a direct or indirect impact of the Covid issues!

But with the exceptional support that we had from our two truly MVPs, Ronen Ariely and Kamlesh Kumar especially in recent months we have a great environment for starting to continue our journey on the new platform.

Today, I would like to share some information about the alternative of the old MSDN and TechNet forums and the TechNet Wiki in the new platforms. So, you can find a good path that fits your former activity types to continue your old-like activities on the new platform.

I had several great conversations with Ronen and Kamlesh on the Community Ninjas Bloggers MS Teams, our bloggers team can see our chats on Teams, all about the switch from MSDN & TechNet Wiki to the new Microsoft Communities system. here, I want to share some of that information in public and hopefully, our invaluable old users will be active again.


Is there any replacement for TN Wiki?

No. not for the same function of shared articles!

But, the Wiki is working the same, for the veteran users!


We do have a huge issue since new users cannot participate (write or edit), since there is a limitation of the minimum number of points in order to use the Wiki - this limit added to prevent spam. The problem is that there is no way to get a new reputation point today, since the MSDN forums migrated to a different interface name QnA and the MSDN forums were the main way to get MSDN reputation points.

Is there a way to write a new article and spotlight it on the blog (old fashion)?

Yes, if you have published an article on MS TN Wiki you are an old user there, so you can write a technical article in the Wiki as always, and then write a post in the blog (if you are a blogger) or ask us to write a blog post about your article here in this blog!

What are the differences between Tech Community Discussions VS Docs Q&A

Honestly, both are similar to MSDN forums!

Microsoft is a big company and there are multiple departments and teams. So, different teams have various paths for supporting users. As a result, Microsoft has different forums for example Q&A, Discussions, Answers, and some more.

The QnA system is part of the Docs system and it is owned by the same team. This team also got the owner of the MSDN. The QnA is officially the replacement for the MSDN forums.


Note! When we changed the name of the community from "TechNet Wiki Ninjas" to "Community Ninjas", we got the decision that we will serve all Microsoft communities - all forums of all teams are part of the Community Ninjas.


For example, the community Ninjas blog is on the TechCommunity system, the Community Ninjas team on Teams is on the Microsoft Community tenant (different team from the TechCommunity site or the QnA site), and we have the Community Ninjas groups on Facebook, as well other tools and interfaces. All together is part of the "Microsoft Community Ninjas" community.


We are serving all Microsoft communities for all Microsoft teams and interfaces!

We are the Microsoft Communities Ninjas


And we work with multiple Microsoft teams!


That’s it! I think this information would help all to understand a bit more about the Community Ninjas behind the scenes!

I am very happy to come back and I will publish new posts regularly in the next weeks.

Last but not least, In the next Wiki Life blog post I will introduce a great extension for the new Q&A forum!

In the next posts, I will encourage new users who are passionate about technology, helping others, and being part of the community to join us!


Have a nice Tech Community Life, and take care :smile:


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