#Yammer-Tip | Linking to groups in your post

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If you need to add a group link in your Yammer post, use the [group:ID] tip.


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@Deleted, fantastic tip! I just tested it in my home network and it certainly looks better than those toilet roll URLs I have used before to link to groups. Thanks.

I am not a programmer, so please forgive my ignorance. A few questions: 1. Are you saying we just have to type [group:ID] in a comment field, and we will get a cleaner link that that huge "toilet roll URL" Brett refers to? 2. If we do type that, should the group name be one word, even if it is two words? 3. If I am wrong (probably am), can you be a bit more specific as to how this works? Thanks! Larry

Big ol' explanation of how to do it here--but let me know if it doesn't actually make sense!

Nice! That worked very well. Thanks!!!!

And, I should note, the same approach works with users too...VERY cool!!!!
I use that a lot.
The best thing is that the Group ID doesn't change but the name of the group might, and this picks up the group name changes in old posts.

You can use [topic:ID] and [user:ID] too but I've found both to be very flaky.
Neat, I've never tried the topic or user ID versions--I have a test network set up to try things out so in case they don't work, nobody ever has to know. :)

This is great - does anyone have any similar workarounds to hyperlink an Outlook email address within a Yammer post?

Great tip...and it worked very well!! Thanks for sharing
Thanks for this great tip, but how does it work out of the App? A hint would be great.

It works in and out of the app, just the way that @Deleted describes.  Just type in the group code with the brackets.  It's an unsupported feature, so you can't expect it to work forever.  But it works today.

Looks like it just stopped working for us and now all of our existing ones are broken.... now we have about 200 posts with a bunch of [group:xxxxxxxxx].... lame :(  @Tom Kretzmer 

Oh no! must be an impact of the ability to format your posts that we saw in our network today. Easy fix now is to use the hyperlink functionality, but like you we have been using this for ages...  But happier that we have formatting in posts (about time - request dates back to YCN).



Screenshot 2019-05-08 16.39.49.png

@Deleted This used to work well, I have used it a few times in the past - but today it doesn't seem to be working at all. It actually looks like I made a mistake in my post, because it literally shows the text and numbers instead of a hyperlink [group:4859560] < for instance this should show up as Diversity & Inclusion at Atrium Health - but it reads just like it's typed above even after posting.


Has this function changed since this posting?

Yes. Since rich text has been introduced to Yammer fields, that functionality no longer works. But, you can hyperlink the text, so even better!

@Larry Glickman Oh, I see. Gotcha, thanks!