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Just about to launch with Yammer embedsded in Sharepoint - but how do you avoid infuriating users before they've even started?


Currently, anyone accessing Yammer for the first time gets an “Explorer is trying to close this tab” message. If you click “no” you get through to Yammer but without a welcome message – just asks you to invite five more people. If you click “yes” it just closes the tab. It’s not a great first encounter with Yammer and sounds like something isn’t working right.


Ideally, new users would click the link from the embed in SharePoint in a single click and be activated without being prompted to invite others, or at the very most, get a simple welcome message.

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If I understand the ideal scenario you want new users to have as little friction as possible when viewing Yammer embedded in a SharePoint portal. Is that accurate? I wonder if creating accounts prior launch may streamline the experience. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Manage-Yammer-users-across-their-life-cycle-from-Office-365...