Yammer Enterprise Interface with SharePoint Online Issue

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Good morning to all.  We are in process of going from an old SharePoint 2010 on prem system to the new SharePoint Online / O365 world, with an E3 license.  Yammer Enterprise is a part of this implementation.  We are using an outside service to accomplish our main infrastructure layout, branding, and landing page designs.  Our plan has a Yammer feed on the main Intranet landing page and one of the sub site landing page templates has a Yammer web part that can be set to the associated Yammer Group.  

My question relates to an interface issue between Yammer Enterprise and SharePoint Online.  Yammer is set as the default social media for SharePoint.  Okta is used as our Single Sign On service.  Each product on its own seems to work fine.  However, most the time when the SharePoint Intranet is launched the Yammer web part on the main landing page, which is the launch page will not launch and load Yammer.  To get Yammer to launch and load, you have to click the Yammer Log on dialog box in the web part.  Once logged on it loads, but is very slow at loading when changing pages.

If you load a sub site landing page directly without starting the main landing page first and have Yammer running in the web part, Yammer will not load in the sub site landing page.  Sometimes you can load Yammer in the sub site landing page by clicking the web part log into Yammer dialog box.  However, most the time the screen will become non responsive (freeze).

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  If so, were you able to fix it and how?  

Are there any suggestions on where we should look for causes?

From what little I could find related to Yammer working within SharePoint this does not seem like be a common issue, or I was not searching for posts properly.  

Any help here would be greatly appreciate.  We are pushing hard to go live with the system and this issue must resolved first, or we have to remove Yammer from the landing pages, which I really don't want to do.

Thanks in advance your assistance.

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Hi there. I don't have enough technical knowledge to help you - but I've reached out to some people elsewhere to see if someone can help. If they can, they'll reply here. I do know the embed can be a little "flaky" sometimes - and there are specific IE, Chrome, browser differences and sometimes corporate policies on your browser settings can get in the way. Anyway - you shouldn't have to log in every time. It should remember you. That's the way it should work. As far as being slow and dragging down the page load time - I think that's something you may have to live with. But I'll leave it to the experts. I hope one of them will be along shortly. 

Hi Merritte:


Quick reply for now, since am running to a meeting, but some things to check:


- Please double check you have all the yammer addresses in your Trusted Zones in your IE/Edge - see this article and scroll down to Yammer


- Is your Okta running as your IdP with sync? If so double check everything is correct from that Yammer configuration


- Finally, play around with the configuration script in the Yammer widget to see if you can get the same problem there. The Network property must be set for SSO to work.


Hope this helps for now and will be back to interact later.

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Hello, Merritte, and welcome.  :)


I've seen this behavior before; I believe the problem is the authentication you're using.  Yammer uses Office 365 authentication and so does SharePoint online, but my guess is that somehow the Okta service isn't supplying the Yammer web part the proper token, and you end up having to log in each time. 


Are you using the Yammer web part, or a script editor web part and the Yammer embed.  The Yammer web part was deprecated some time ago, so that might be the cause of some of the problem.


What fixed this for us was to set Yammer in the administrator settings to force Office 365 identity.  To do this, go to Admin --> Content and security --> Security Settings --> Enforce Office 365 identity in Yammer.  (Screenshot attached). 




This setting will bypass your SSO solution for Yammer interaction.  Now, once you authenticate with Office 365, that same token will be presented to Yammer.  If you're using SharePoint Online, you should be authenticating with Office 365 anyway (again, I'm not familiar with the Okta tool). 


Test with this.  It's a checkbox so you can uncheck it later.  Make sure everything works properly, maybe try it over a weekend.


Anyway, see how far you can get with this.  The problem is almost assuredly that Yammer isn't getting your authentication token when the page loads.  You'll probably notice that if you don't close your browser, you can usually go to other pages with Yammer embedded and it loads ok after that initial problem.


Please keep us up to date on how you make out so we can figure this out together. :)