Yammer data export-- what do all the columns mean?

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This seems pretty basic, but does anyone know if there is any kind of documentation about what each of the columns in the various data exports refer to? For example, does the "updated_at" column in the Groups.csv file actually tell you the last time someone posted in that group?


We're trying to leverage this data to build out a quarterly Yammer clean-up process, but I can't seem to find any documentation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Think you can find what your are looking for here


  • id: this is the id you the yammer group (like 12344678)
  • email: the group email address
  • full-name: the group name
  • description: the group description
  • privacy: if the group is public|private
  • show_in_directory: if the group is display or hidden within yammer group directory
  • moderated: if the group is moderated by group admin true|false
  • web_url: the group url (direct link) when browsing with web browser
  • mugshot_xxx : the address of group thumbnail, it will help you to define if the group have a thumbnail or not (default value)
  • color: the yammer group banner HEW color like #417C9F, quite usefull if you need to enforce this from governance/corporate branding perspective
  • stats/members: the number of group members (very very usefull when you want to make some group house keeping or arbitration)
  • created_at: when the group was created
  • stats/last_message_at: when last message within that group was done

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!!