Yammer: Bridging Online and Offline Worlds

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If you're struggling to get Yammer adopted at your org, whether internally or externally, one of the most important things to remember about Yammer is that it's full of people, and those people exist beyond their screens.


In our Yammer External Network for customers (instructors), one set of groups are called Chapter Groups.


These regional groups help our instructors find each other within and across states, build great working relationships regardless of industry and background, and aid in bringing people together—offline!


With support from members of our staff, it's our customers who take the lead in organizing periodic meet-ups—user groups, if you will—that are typically held for a couple hours in the evening with light refreshments. If you can't make it in person, you can tune into the live webcast and still be part of the gathering.


Topics range from talking about our training to holding award ceremonies such as the coveted Walk the Talk award, a peer-given honor that celebrates instructors who truly demonstrate empathy and care for the people they serve.


All of this organization is done on Yammer. After the event, our customers come right back to Yammer to talk about it.


Here's one example, paraphrased for privacy:


"Thank you for the booster shot on the training process and the examples and suggestions presented. I find myself so engaged with work and the missions at hand that I don't make it a priority to check in with other instructors. Last night's Chapter meeting validated that I need to, because they are a great resource and give energy."



The Animal Zone


We've found that our philosophy and mission work across markets. Yammer provides a necessary place for people to step in from their outside lives to learn and help others, get revitalized, and then take what they've learned back out into the world. And it proves that it really doesn't matter where you're from or what you specialize in when you're working for the greater good.

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Will you be adding the LIVE functionality to this too? I find that this might be really helpful for events, small and large scale!