Yammer badges using avatar overlay - Basics 101

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Do you want to offer your power users, group owners, or business campaign participants a special overlay on their Yammer avatar?


There's no native function built into Yammer to support this, but if you can swing the hands-on support and you have a graphic editing program (like PhotoShop), you can do this.


How? Ask your honoree(s) for their photo, import it into your graphic editing program, add an overlay, and return it to them for upload.


Start with the template. This was provided by Manuel Muñoz Solera at Yammer.  Here is his file, and his notes:

"I'm attaching an avatar template, trying to cover some generic cases:

- Two lines of text
- One line of text
- only icon

Each case is in a different group. I'm using Arial because it is a very common font, and you can pick the color that works the best for you.

With the layer "circular guide" you can preview the visible area of the avatar. Remember to deactivate it before exporting the result."

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