Working Out Loud Week - 7-13 November 2016 #wolweek


Our users are getting a message in their Yammer email notification summary this morning about Working Out Loud week.


We are in the process of rolling WOL out at our organization, but this was not anything that was posted (or can be found) in our network. It looks like something that was added by Yammer.


I am all in support of WOL, but I don't think I am in support of Yammer including information on our email alerts, if that is what is happening here. Is anyone else seeing this?



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Yes, Larry, this is currently enabled as an experiment in the Daily Digest. As you know, we believe that Yammer can be a great compliment to people and teams as they begin to explore WOL behaviors. Our intent here is to help promote the virtues of working out loud and encourage more people to join the movement. 


I know you're in the process of introducing WOL to your organization. What are your concerns with this type of messaging being included in the digest? Did you receive any specific feedback from your users?

Thank you for the clarification Steve. While I understand, and appreciate the Yammer strategy here, it does pose some issues for us.


1. We are told this is a private network for our staff. When a strange message appears, it brings the legitimacy of the privacy into question. Those who are not closely connected to Yammer functionality and development will see this, and think only that someone is posting on our network who maybe should not be.


2. Yes, I am bringing Working Out Loud to my organization, but it has not been introduced yet, and in some ways, I have now lost control of the messaging. Also, this message appeared the very day after I had my first meeting with my supervisor and HR about introducing WOL. The appearance of this message caused some questions and concerns.


Honestly, I don't know of a way that this messaging functionality will work well. Our staff does not want to see ads, and they don't want to see a regular influx of messages from a third party. At the very least, please give network admins the ability to approve the inclusion of such messages on our email notifications.

I'm bringing your input back to the team, Larry. I understand your position and concerns. Let me ask you this. I think you'd agree that we have the same goals with respect to helping people understand the benefits of working out loud. With that mutual interest in mind, do you have any suggestions for how we might get the word out to more people about WOL while balancing the control of the messaging you desire? 


Our intent behind including this message in the daily digest was to encourage WOL in a place where people already are. We considered having this be a separate email, but knew that that would probably not be welcomed. So we thought by including this in something that people already get, it would be less intrusive.

I am also an advocate for WOL but have similar concerns to @Larry Glickman


And, thanks for feeding these back to the team @Steve Nguyen.


Whether these 3rd party alerts are appropriate or other I take it users like I who pretty much Yammer entirely in Yammer (no activity email summaries) won't receive the messgae/info?




Steve, this is an interesting point. Yes, organizations that understand and have implemented WOL will most likely see more success in their Yammer networks. 


However, I am not sure that the messaging of WOL to employees and/or organziation members is necessarily Yammer's job. Yammer is not connected to what is being discussed in each organization, or what is in the pipeline to be discussed at each organization.


Communicate with network admins? Yes. Develop a way to be in touch with decision makers at each organization? Sure, let's figure that one out. But to communicate directly with staff? I don't think that works.


I want to stress...I absolutley applaud and appreciate the intent of what Yammer is trying to do here, but ultimately I don't agree with the application.

Larry, very well put.


Working together to spread the WOL message is the most intune way to prolifferate that practice.