When's the Best Time to Post On Yammer?

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If you've found yourself asking something like this:

"How do I find out the best time to post content for high visibility? Are there peak times or is it specific to each organization?"


My short answer:


The most accurate benchmark you can use is to measure against yourself.



Anecdotal Background:

I also manage external social media for my company. Social media is designed far more for B2C companies, and we're a niche B2B organization. So there are a lot of articles claiming that "THIS is the best time to post!" but they don't fit us at all. (And even if your industry does happen to fit in to one of those brackets, I'd argue that you should still do your own testing and experimenting.)


So it took us some qualified, dedicated time to discover our peak days and times for each social media platform. I still wasn't completely comfortable until I had a year's worth of data to crunch, but I could start to see trends within four and six months.


The point was, I had to measure against ourselves. When was our specific audience online? When did they see our posts? When did they respond?


The great thing is, Yammer is really no differentand is even a bit easier, because platforms such as Facebook are geared toward Facebook making money on everything you post, so you're up against a whole lot of competition you won't need to bother with on your nice, secure internal channel.


Here's what we do on Yammer:


Pay attention to what's going on offline. For example, every Thursday in my company, we have an "all company" meeting where everyone available in our office gathers for 15 minutes to share updates. The meeting notes are then posted in Yammer's All Company.


From the Recent Activity sidebar alone, I always see a spike on those Thursdays, because we also have a lot of traveling trainers who know they're missing that in-person meeting but still want to get the updates. Would this also be a good day to pile on with other need-to-know content? It's definitely worth a try.



Watch your analytics. Using either the O365 ones that are being developed or through a third party*, which I do, you'll be able to spot trends once you get an appreciable amount of time & data. Instead of wearing out my eyeballs watching Recent Activity, I can pull all the data for views on those meeting notes mentioned above. I can see which groups have the most engagement versus simply the most membership.


I can even see which individuals engage the mostwhich means I can count on them to help spread the good word when something needs sharing.


I could even get a report on "Message likes by day of week/month." I would still hesitate to declare something like, "Post everything always on Thursdays!" because I still have to remember all the offline variables. What else is going on during the month? But like I mentioned above, I can still cautiously posit that Thursdays are a good day to try out extra-good content, and see where it goes from there.



Keep reinforcing Yammer. One of the things I still do, even two years later, is say, "Put it in Yammer." By now I have people saying it for me! Over timeand it does take timepeople start thinking about Yammer as a seamless part of their Things to Check During the Day. This helps when you have those important updates going out.



Bottom line is, you can't ignore the fact that people are what makes up a community. But another great thing about Yammer is there is no one-size-has-to-fit-all approach, so you can shape things to fit your organizational culture . . . or the other way around.


Have you found key times/days to post? How do you measure?


*I use tyGraph analytics.

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I don't have much in the way of analytics/data as yet, but I have recently come to conclusion that our network roughly follows these activity patterns:


Morning spurt - Slow before 9am then powers up through to midday.


Lunchtime halt - Very little posting between 12-2pm. Tells me that those who mostly post from tablets, etc are not really doing it while on lunch break.


Afternoon resumption - It gets going again after lunch.


Weekends? - a handful of dieharders like myself post a little over the weekend, but response traffic is as expected minimal.


We are not far off implementing enterprise version, but it is unlikely it will be as part of O365 anytime soon.

Thanks for the mention of tyGraph analytics!

That is some great insight you have! So if you were going to do a YamJam, say, you already know the most likely times you'll get participation. Fantastic.


I love the enterprise version. So much more control and customization. Without O365, you can also customize your Yammer banner, which I confess I still wish we had.


Send me a PM if you'd like me to hook you up with my tyGraph contacts. After I had their free demo, I had all I needed to know that this was the way to go for our growing network.

I've noticed that on Friday's Yammer activity drops off a cliff ... which is surprising given that I'd assumed that a lot of people must work from home that day as it's so quiet in the office.

Could be their focus is entirely elsewhere... ;)

Timely that I say your post @Karl Brooks. I currently sit on the train to work and will now watch our Yammer activity with a keen eye on this graveyard Friday. :)