Update: Analog Still Works To Get People Digital

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This (public) tweet told me something more than the already-exciting news that yet another person has become a CPI Certified Instructor



See that blue and white card at the bottom of the pic? That's my in-your-hands invite to our Yammer External Network (aka the CPI Instructor Community), which was last seen in my post, "An Analog Way to Get People To Join Your Network." We include this over-sized postcard in the training kit each new Instructor gets in class. In fact, we recently revised it, and a new version will be coming out soon!


The fact that this brand-new Instructor included it in her tweet means a lot to me, because above all, I want to make sure this network adds value to people's lives. Our customers are amazing, person-centered individuals who work every day to keep kids and adults in their care safe, even after hours.


I love that Yammer works for them. 

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