To format Posts or not to format?

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I am creating guidelines for a Yammer Community Maanger and there is a tension between if the admins should always post with specific formatting.  On one hand, you have a clear post with always stating the "who, what, when and where" very clearly.  On the other hand, could this deter community members from posting as they may see this as a format that they "must" adhere to and limit the amount of community posts.  

Do you have any feedback as to what works?  Our main objective is to get the community posting more and we do not want to deter them with overly structured posts.  Meanwhile, it would be good to be clear!

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@Angela_Hoffman The devil is in the details. What do you mean by format?


I think there's great value to provide guidance on best practices for writing for the web: shorter paragraphs, bulleted lists, bold/highlighted words, etc.