Switch off CSV uploading of group members?

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Hi All, 


quick question: Is it possible to switch off the group member CSV uploading in the admin console?


(We've built up a culture of adding employees into communities on other platforms which has caused us all sorts of issues. We'd prefer if all our Yammer groups were opt in only). 


Thanks in advance

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I can only speak about the Yammer network admin options in Yammer... rather than the options that may be available to you in the Office 365 admin center now that Yammer groups can be / often are Office 365 Groups.


You will find that the Yammer network admin options are minimal. This may be explained in part by two historical reasons that I can recall (having lobbied for more options for six years now). 


First, the Yammer developers regarded any admin "toggle" or choice as technical load that slowed development velocity. Second, the team prioritized development that would produce measurable increase in engagement across the user base over any features meant to enable champions or admins.


In the most recent Microsoft Ignite session on the Yammer roadmap, Murali Sitaram actually called out this second observation and noted that the team would be thinking and building toward better enabling the community champions and catalyzers, and asking questions like what features might make for better and more effective YamJams, for instance. This was very refreshing.


As the hyperlink to the session doesn't want to work for this post, here's the URL:


Long story short, you can check the Office 365 Admin panel if you've the rights to it, or investigate third-party products that plug into the Yammer API if this is really critical path. I've never heard of such a product but then, my company has never looked to limit this kind of action.


In general, Yammer is meant to be a service where any user can create a group quickly and easily, and invite others to collaborate, either individually or via list. Forcing a per-user invitation standard would still send "push" pings to individuals (not opt-in) while also requiring sometimes painful amounts of work.


Ultimately it's going to be up to individuals whether to accept the invitations to groups and to go to Yammer to consume that content and participate in those conversations.


Maybe you could try coming at this from another direction, such as creating a group in which you regularly invite all group owners, and offer them guidance and content about how to 1) set up groups for success before pushing invitations and 2) keep groups thriving and encourage broad-based participation over time?


I did this for years, fueled in part by using keyword monitoring for the word "created" so that I'd get a ping for all the group creators. Now I have TyGraph analytics and I can just get a nice PowerBI list of the group creators. Of course, that's the easy part, the actual work is to start helping your "community of community owners" to understand that there's actual steps to take to build a welcoming space and support productive interaction.


I know, I know... not as easy as a toggle. :)