Stopping YAMMER for Product integration through TEAMS

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I try to convince my direction for using Yammer in my organization. 

CIO speak about a possible disappearance of Yammer product with features integration through TEAMS. 


Have you got any official informations about this evolution or others to prove it's a fake news ? (important for us before team commitment)



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Microsoft introduced Viva Engage, a rebranded version of the Yammer communities app last year. Microsoft is heavily investing in Viva as a platform and rolling out new components. So by bundling "Yammer" under Viva it is clear that the platform isn't going anywhere. This follows the complete overhaul of Yammer with the new look and new features over 2020-2021.


Anyone who says that Yammer is disappearing is not really paying attention.

@Kevin Crossman 


Many thanks for this informations !