"Follow the Leader" Campaign

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A big hurdle for our organization is getting users to actually "Follow" people in Yammer. So, to stir things up a bit, we kicked off a Follow the Leader Challenge campaign. Basically, we put together some of our leaders and challenged our Yammer members to follow leadership. Not sure, on the results yet but we will run the campaign until the end of this month. Here's the sample slide we used to promote.

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Excellent campaign! What is the challenge you are attempting to address with growing followers for leaders? Are their contributions not been seen / acknowledged / engaged with? Just curious what, if any, feedback these leaders have shared with you around their use of Yammer.

I have similar questions as @Noah Sparks. What would compel someone to follow a leader? Are they posting good content? Any content? Perhaps an interesting twist on this would be if leaders followed a "regular" employee. They shouldn't just follow someone just for the heck of it, but follow them because they are generating value add content. I'd be over the moon excited if an exec followed me!