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Looking for a way to create an internal campaign profile picture frame for our Yammer users. Any ideas?

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@andrewclarke Picture frame???

@andrewclarke I created a few over the years... first it was for Yambassadors, then Social Leaders, and finally Social Influences.  

Used to identify our top 1%ters and monthly community managers - great way to show recognition.


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@Lee_Hawkes So this was a photoshop template where you have the frame and then insert a user's photo, then export and assign to that user by updating Azure AD (or let the user upload themselves)?

I use PowerPoint for the photo template. I send the saved image with my congratulations and personal message. I give everyone the choice to upload it, as most times it's uploaded with pride. Others also choose to update other platforms with the image.

Hi @Lee_Hawkes ,


I am curious to know how you were able to identify top performers/influencers/community managers on Yammer given the limited analytics available which cannot be customised to show best content or most active users for recognition. 

@EmadBC I worked closely with the TyGraph team ( @Ed Senez ) to build dashboards in Power BI.  I used a number of metrics to identify who was interacting with users the most in their communities, who created engaging threads (not just blasting behaviour) - and then provided support in growing the community leaders to network social leaders.

Thank you @Lee_Hawkes , this is useful. Will check how to get these apps to talk to each other and get some insights.

Thanks @Lee_Hawkes @EmadBC Please let us know if we can help. Email me at to set-up a time to discuss.